Dear iBT Toefl candidates,

Please visit the iBT toefl web site :, go to the section Learners & Test Takers to register for the test. You will
be able to select the test date when you register. Please read the information in that section. Read about registration
deadlines and how to register in the bulletin that can be downloaded from the Toefl web site.

There are 10 workstations at ASICANA.

The iBT Toefl administration dates and test start times at ASICANA, Santiago del Estero Binational Center for calendar year
2010 (always check the web site in case there are changes) will be announced soon following ETS instructions.
Test takers have to report to the testing center 30 minutes before test start time for the check in process.

For more information please contact ASICANA.

Measures a student´s ability to use English in an academic setting.
Sample test :
Practice test :
Registration : online, by phone or by mail.
Skills tested: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.
Integrated tasks: (Test takers combine more than one skill.)                                                   
- Read, listen and then speak in response to a question.
- Listen and then speak in response to a question.
- Read, listen and then write in response to a question.
Note talking : allowed.
Test time : 4 hours.( All sections will be completed in one day.)
Total Score : 0 - 120  (ETS provides scores for 4 skills and total score.)

4-6 lectures ( each 3-5 minutes long, 6 questions each.)
2-3 conversations ( each 3 minutes long, 5 questions each.)
Time : 60-90 minutes.
Score Scale : 0-30

6 tasks  ( 2 independent tasks : Express an opinion on a familiar topic.)
( 4 integrated tasks : Speak based on what is read and heard.)
Up to 30 seconds to prepare a response.
Up to 1 minute to respond.
Time: 20 minutes.
Score scale: 0-4 points ( converted to 0-30 score scale.)
Test takers wear headphones and speak into a microphone when they respond. Responses are digitally recorded and
transmitted to ETS´s Online Scoring Network where human scorers rate them.

3-5 passages from academic texts ( Approximately 700 words long.)
Multiple - focus passages ( compare/contrast, cause/effect.)
12-14 questions each passage.
Time : 60-100 minutes.
Score scale : 0-30

2 tasks ( 1 integrated task : Write based on what is read and heard.)
( 1 independent task : Support an opinion on a topic.)
Time : 50 minutes ( 20 minutes for integrated task, 30 minutes for independent task.)
Score scale: 0-5 points (converted to 0-30 score scale.)
Human scorers rate then responses to the writing tasks via ETS´s Online Scoring Network.